Funding & Syndication

As advanced finance leasing software, LeaseWave accommodates various funding models. Leases may be sold one-off by discounting all or part of future cash flows. Leases can also be packaged, such that a group of cash flows may be sold. In all instances, more than one participating funding source may be involved. Sold leases may be bought back and resold any number of times, as long as there are outstanding payments to sell. Specialized vendor-based funding where the vendor may participate in different ways is also managed.

In addition to sale-based funding, LeaseWave handles debt-based funding where future payment streams are collateralized for loans. As comprehensive financial leasing software, LeaseWave manages associated loans, their repayment and interest payments. Just like with sold leases, loans may also be repaid prematurely and new ones re-established against the same payment stream any number of times. All the relevant accounting behind each funding method is automatically carried out.


  • Allow funding sources to take equity positions on existing leases
  • Choose to discount future cash flow streams at stipulated buy rates
  • Include / exclude lease rentals for syndication, as needed
  • Automatically take a lease “off the books” via a syndication
  • Pooled syndication: package multiple leases together for sale

Multiple participation

  • Set up unlimited funding sources to participate in the same transaction
  • Associate each funding source with its own buy rate
  • Automatically calculate requisite schedules for each funding source


  • Unlike other financial leasing software, buyback a syndicated lease, reinstating into the books
  • Automatically make the relevant adjusting accounting entries

Debt management

  • Discount future streams to set up a loan against them
  • Automatically manage accounting behind interest and loan related entries
  • Payoff loans and re-finance any number of times during term of the lease


  • Unlike other finance leasing software, continue to service leases that are “not on the books”
  • Bill, collect and post payments on sold leases just like any other that are lessor-owned
  • Set up private labeled billing if desired
  • Generate appropriate payable entries on collections
  • Readily determine how much is owed to each funding source
  • Manage service fee income owing from funding source

Funding source portal

  • Unlike other finance leasing software, an exclusive portal is dedicated to funding sources
  • Control and restrict the level of access given
  • Allow funding sources access to real time information on sold leases